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Give the world a shot | Vaccinaid

With vaccines rolling out across Australia, we’re beginning to win the fight against COVID-19.

We can't stop there. Now the rest of the world needs our help. In many countries across the world, cases are rising dramatically, hospitals are overwhelmed, and new variants are forming. And when one country is at risk, we’re all at risk.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Play your part and help UNICEF deliver 2 billion vaccines, as well as millions of treatments around the world this year. Because we’ll only ever be safe, if we’re all safe.

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Sarah Griffiths 27th September 2021

Thank you for helping vaccinate the rest of the world


Tara Hurlstone 27th September 2021

I want to live in a world where everyone has a shot at getting this shot. 1 more covid death anywhere in this world is 1 too many


Naomi Fenton 27th September 2021

Thank you for your work :)


Ruth Gordon 27th September 2021

One arm at a time


Lindie James 27th September 2021

Thanks for helping me help the world


Carmen Morris 26th September 2021

Let’s do this together


Henry Goldstein 26th September 2021

Everyone deserves to be protected. Thanks UNICEF!


Kerry Steenbuck 25th September 2021

Everyone deserves to be protected


Nora Chen 25th September 2021

Just a small donation to try and help with the shocking vaccine inequity that is present at the moment. We all need to help each other at this time.


Allison Goodwin 25th September 2021

An extremely wealthy cause!


Helen Jennings 25th September 2021

These are the proceeds from book sales let's see them do some good


Lea Newnham 25th September 2021

We're not safe till all are safe.

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Donations made to UNICEF’s VaccinAid appeal will go towards UNICEF’s work to deliver COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatment to help bring an end to the pandemic. In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirements for this appeal, your donation will go to supporting children in need, wherever the need is greatest.